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Sunday, April 3, 2016

One Knot At A Time - A Review / Testimonial In Favour Of Le Noeud Papillon's Black Majestic Bow Tie For A Groom And His Groomsmen

The below testimonial was received from a groom in Sydney who was particularly happy with our Majestic Black. Like many Australian men of recent, he has made the switch to self-tying bow ties and it is not just another feather in our cap but for men around the world. An argument was raised on ABC 702 last week as to whether a black bow tie should be included on a list of 10 things a man must own. I was not there to listen first hand, the story was relayed to me over a beer. My friend said "and then James Valentine and Richard Glover debated the merits of whether you should tie a bow tie or not, and Valentine said 'who wants to tie their own bow tie anyway?'

There is a war that I fight with Australian men like that each and every day. I cannot explain exactly why there is something culturally significant / sophisticated about knowing how to tie your own bow tie, but I can say that looking at men in photos that wear pre-tied bow ties, the evidence is obvious even if the exact words escape me. 

Consider tying your own bow tie. Or else, if you think my opinion is skewed, consider what Tom says below and regard the confident stride of the groom and the groomsmen:

I wanted to say a big thank you for your beautiful bow ties. It is great to see Aussie businesses with so much passion in their product.

The Majestic Black bows looked great at our wedding. I had never worn self-tying bow ties before so I have now taught myself to tie them up. I have now decided that I will never wear a pre-tied bow tie again!

Thank you again.

T. Messenger, Sydney, Australia

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