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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

The Top Places To Buy Silk Bow Ties And Neck Ties That Are Hand-Roll Stitched In Sydney, Australia

Typing in the blog title in a search bar in Sydney should come up with zero listings. There are no other places that offer what we offer in Sydney. You can buy Italian made hand-roll stitched ties from menswear retailers and the sort of uber hip 'made to measure tailor come store' but they won't be able to make you anything on the spot. That's because Australian manufacturing is dead. Added to that, our proximity to China has meant that anyone who does come up with a good idea jumps on a plane straight up to China or Hong Kong with a digital Gerber copy of their sample patterns and a bag full of ties they've bought and after two weeks all they need to worry about is sales and volume of sales.

To my mind, sales is only as good as product - certainly in our trade. You can fudge your product for a while, some get away with it a lot longer than others, but eventually it catches up to you. Besides, I have never had the confidence in selling something I know to be inferior, for me it prevents me from doing sales well. 

So here's the thing - if you want a hand-made silk neck tie with hand-roll stitching and it's made of the finest silks both in woven jacquard and printed, you kind of have to come and see us in Sydney because as far as we can tell, we're the last group still standing. That's not a good thing - for in the land of the blind the one eyed man is king - so we'd rather we had more competition.

Below is a densely woven English jacquard silk on a navy warp with a bronzed silver floral arrangement. It's been finished as an 8.5cm tie (we're a bit over the 8cm at the moment) with hand roll stitching on both the front and rear blade tips and finished with a slip stitch. It is proudly made in Australia. The tie rests on the recently arrived Marguerite silk which is printed on 16mm silk twill. The design is inspired by Belle Epoch artist Alphonse Mucha. 

If you want to find a shop where there is still some authenticity and a relationship between art, artisan and product, come and see us at our Studio in Vaucluse. We guarantee you you will leave more informed regardless of whether you purchase anything.

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