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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Look For Truth And Beauty In This World And You Will Find The Golden Mean - So What Are We To Do About Trump?

The golden ratio or golden mean is nothing new to mathematicians, scientists, quantum physicists, musicians, artists and architects. It's a relationship between two spaces, a and b, where the sum of a and b, divided by a, is equal to the the sum of a divided by b. In a nutshell, there is a sort of natural symbiosis between the spaces which, when you work out the ratio of the sum of the two spaces they come to the number 1.61803398875 - which in turn is the relationship in ratio between one Fibonacci number to the next as you extend the Fibonacci number sequence towards infinity. 

We see this shape repeated throughout nature in geometric patterns such as sea shells, snail shells, snowflakes, weather patterns, waves, sun flowers, pine cones and so much more. In fact, almost every where you look in nature and into space you will find the golden ratio in almost everything from our DNA to the constellations above us. Some say, including ancient Greek philosophers and mathematicians, that if we follow the numbers we will eventually find God. I do believe that, to an extent, mathematics is a language which will bring us closer to that which governs us. 

What about who governs the Americans? Recently a meme popped up in which the shape of Donald Trump's hair-do was made to be in perfect form with the parabolic shape of a snail shell emulating the golden ratio.

The meme is an excellent talisman for Trump in my opinion as it rightly or wrongly attributes an element of truth to him. Where previously he has been labelled everything under the sun, it seems rather interesting that the two voices which have resonated the loudest in this presidential race are the two that both tell two versions of truth. Bernie Sanders from the left, Donald Trump from the right - although Trumps version of truth is hotly disputed by the majority of Americans. What nobody seems to be buying is the 'seasoned statesman' with a lifetime of politics behind him/her which leads to a character ruled only by pragmatism.

Sadly, whilst Bernie Sanders speaks a truth, as Larry David pointed out whilst impersonating Sanders choosing an envelope on an SNL interview 'I'll take the left one, the one so far left in your hand that nobody will vote for it'.

This blog does not wish to be political and sits, most often, on the fence, but there are times when we wish to make a comment and on golden ratio  hairdos we just could not resist.

Post script. Since watching John Oliver's piece on Donald Trump I was going to pull this post down but Ive decided to leave it here since we are only referring to a meme referring to his hair do.

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