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Monday, February 8, 2016

Joseph Raskin x Le Noeud Papillon Initial Offering

If there is a type of person that I don't enjoy in this world it's the 'I'm gonnas' . They're the people that are always harping on about what they will do next or what they might do one day if they get the time off work, what they'd do if they were the Prime Minister etc. I am one of those that prefers instead the company of those that either are 'doers' or, in the case of  my underground informant Oppenheimer, I have always been partial to the company of 'knockers' and 'naysayers' as they are usually a great breeding ground for creativity - that is, work out what they say will never ever work, not in a million years - and then go ahead and do that very thing.

Joseph Raskin was, I thought, potentially an 'I'm gonna'. He came past my apartment one day looking for advice on how to make a silk neck tie with Swarovski elements. It wasn't particularly my style but in the end I loved what he was trying to create. It was coming from a different angle; Raskin was aiming to provide exciting silk neck ties for the New York Jewish scene (originally a New Yorker, now living in Australia). He wanted something more razzle dazzle for Bar Mitzvahs and weddings. I have attended a few Jewish weddings over the years and they are a riot and most definitely fun and funky like these tie designs that he had created.

After our initial dialogue I didn't see Joseph for a while until recently we got chatting again, randomly passing each other in traffic. We met up and he promised to come see me again with some samples. Well, today we managed to photograph them and put them on the website and in the coming days we will offer them out to our newsletter readers with an introductory offer. So many people peter out before the finish line, Joseph put his money where his mouth is and I am happy to report, the ties are fantastic. 

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