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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Whatever Happened To The Hiltons? Cody Simpson And Ruby Rose At The GQ Men Of The Year Awards

Last night I received an email from the team at GQ letting me know that one of my bow ties was identified on one of the men nominated for the Men Of The Year Awards held in Sydney. Our 'Stafford' bow tie was getting a run on a chap called Cody Simpson with a famous Australian gay rights activist and female actor named Ruby Rose.

I knew who Ruby Rose was because back in the day she used to come to my nightclub - named SHH - which was my equivalent to Rick's Cafe Americain.... only less dignified and I had no Sam to play my piano and no Ingrid Bergman ever tried to seduce me.

I was caught off guard the other night because I did not have the slightest clue who Cody Simpson was and so I began googling and I found that he had 2 million followers on Instagram. I ducked across to Ruby Rose, she had 6 million followers. I read about Cody on Wikipedia and found he had dated Gigi Hadid, a super model, who had over 8 million followers on Instagram.

I found it all overwhelming. When had I lost track of the world? What had happened to the Hilton sisters? Since when was there a 'Woman Of The Year' in the 'Men Of The Year' awards? How do I have 1000 followers on Instagram but they have millions? Combined between Gigi Hadid, Ruby Rose and Cody Simpson they have about the exact amount of followers that I would need in dollars to retire and never work again. That's my sunset figure. So, it made me think of two things. One, I miss Paris Hilton and I am going to find out what happened to her. The sun seems to rise and set very quickly these days on the jetsetter crowd. And, two, if I get to 24 million followers I am going to make my last post "please give me 1 dollar" with a link to my PayPal account and then I shall retire.

The world is evolving too fast for my liking. Thankfully, bow ties are still being worn and this one is available in store now. 

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