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Monday, November 9, 2015

The Hanger Project Acquires A Suitable Wardrobe

Will Boehlke, left, and Kirby Allison, right. 

In a newsletter out from both companies, it was announced over the weekend that Kirby Allison, owner of The Hanger Project , bought out his competitor,  A Suitable Wardrobe.

In the newsletter Kirby Allison says : "We are excited to announce that The Hanger Project has acquired A Suitable Wardrobe. I, Kirby Allison, grew up reading A Suitable Wardrobe and learning from Will Boehlke’s writing. When he launched the A Suitable Wardrobe web store, I was continually amazed at his taste level and capacity to seek out the highest-quality makers. It is a huge honor to be able to continue the legacy of A Suitable Wardrobe."

I would be inclined to agree with Kirby. Will Boehlke was certainly instrumental in putting us on the map for bow ties within the United States and he was certainly my fall back menswear blog / writer before he was eventually overtaken my Simon Crompton and Hugo Jacomet's blogs.

I have no idea what the real reasons are for the acquisition but I do think that some serious mistakes were made by Boehlke when he moved the content of his blog onto the store and switched off his blog from every day casual readers. One of the most astute moves by Allison, mentioned in the newsletter, would be to republish the entire archive of content from ASW onto a new blog and to then employ Boehlke to keep doing what he did best, which was communicating.

Although I am slightly more vivacious and colour-loving than the folks at ASW and Hanger Project, I must say that from a conservative stand-point, Boehlke did always have an extraordinarily tasteful array of products which were precisely what you would need for a long term wardrobe and nothing that was ever really fad or fancy.

I am sincerely looking forward to seeing what Kirby Allison does from this point onwards and hope that he does whatever he can to make sure the content of ASW / the writings of Boehlke, become readily available to blog readers because, fundamentally, this was what kept us coming back to ASW time and time again and was what was instrumental in guiding a new generation of men towards quality menswear.

Good luck Kirby and Will!

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