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Friday, November 6, 2015

New Testimonials In Favour Of Le Noeud Papillon Of Sydney's Bow Ties And More...

Last week we thanked our customers via our email newsletter. We are only here as long as our customers allow us to keep our doors open. A Sydney businessman once told me a story about a Greek shipping tycoon who was asked how he remained successful in the wake of so much competition in the market place to which he replied "we stay close to our suppliers and we stay close to our customers". We try to do the same thing here at LNP, we want to have good relationships with the people that provide us our silks and cottons and good relationships with our end users, YOU.

And, humbly, I acknowledge that without your continued support then we would merely wilt like a flower and be forgotten tomorrow. Small business is just that, small business. The freedom we have in design is based on the fact that we are not merely pumping out big orders for department stores or government contracts for the army or navy. We are small, dynamic, flexible, adaptive and creative. I do hope we get to keep it that way.



I would like to take this time to opine my experience regarding Le Noeud Papillion (LNP) products.

I have the privilege of owning LNP bow ties, braces, pocket squares (both cotton and silk), ties and lapel flowers.
To some a bow tie is a comical attire and, upon witnessing the lower grade representations, one has to agree. However, I have been granted with the highest level of compliment, imitation from those once loathed to participate in the discourse, with regards to my LNP bow ties. Never once have I received anything but admiration and astound concerning LNP bow ties. When one has the opportunity to wear something of the highest quality, and I use this term in its absolute sense here, not just as a matter of course, it is noticed, it is admired and when it really reaches the superlative, it is then copied.

I have enjoyed every one of my 27 bow ties. I have also had the pleasure of owning a magnificent set of purple silk braces and many other LNP products, all of which attract admiration for no lesser reason than they are the superlative.

M. Stockwell
Queensland, Australia


The postage is great, I am also impressed with your regular engagement with followers on instagram and your emails always have me checking the website, though I seldom have the funds to get as I'd like.

Also really enjoy the instagram, one of the better men's fashion ones in general.

Anyway, keep up the good work!

S. Campbell
Darwin, Australia


Hello LNP,

I recently bought the Phillip bow tie - it was awesome. I received a lot of compliments and it was definitely a beautiful and original piece. The way it was tied was especially impressive.

E. Greenwood
Sydney, Australia

I love Le Noeud Papillon bow ties and I believe they are the best of quality. I have never been able to find any other bow tie out there that even comes close. I have a passion for having good quality ties and bow ties. I am always eager to show people the bow ties that I have bought from LNP. I have even gone into stores that I shop to show them the quality and have asked them to contact Le Noeud Papillon to see if they could do some orders.

My worry is what happens when you stop doing business?

A. Reynolds
British Columbia, Canada


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