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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Leng Bespoke - Why Having A Workroom In Sydney Matters

In an effort to engage more of Sydney's tailors and MTM services to write more content for this blog I recently engaged the services of an MTM programme in Sydney, which I don't need to name, and during the course of the fitting from a block made suit I said "now about the size of the trouser band, I feel this is too narrow for my stomach" to which there was a pause and it was met with the response "we can't change anything like that".

The salesman then suggested to me that they were working on allowing more changes like that to occur but that I was limited to lapel and pocket details and sleeve buttons but the basic overall template was what was on me as they measured. 

These MTM programmes are excellent price points for your every day knock around suit or even for that matter if you were going to buy all your groomsmen a suit instead of renting, but they are limited. Below you will see some of the details of the trousers that Leng Ngo is making for the purple suit we commissioned. The larger waist band on the trousers is finished with an "inbuilt belt" if you like which sweeps around to the side. There is a single pleat in the trousers exactly where I asked for it to be and the cuff, lapel size and roping is as we agreed upon in the specifications too. 

But what is more important is that if for whatever reason you don't like what you see or if it's not as you requested, there is an opportunity to make changes, something which you cannot truly get with an MTM service. You can keep an alterations person on hand to try patch things up but ultimately, the person that will make those alterations didn't cut the suit and didn't sew the suit.

There is the old adage, pay once, cry once. I do believe that holds true for many things including a new suit for spring. See Leng's work in progress. 

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