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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Celebrate The Ides Of March

Sometimes you don't know whether something new is a good omen or not. I felt the same way about the new platform that I employed to run . It's comprehensive, it's easy to use and it's not that difficult to implement and yet something inside me, perhaps it's part of ageing, became very wary of change.

The initial site for Le Noeud Papillon had been developed in Columbia six years ago and I had used all my energy to design the site specifically for the sale of bow ties and I had a hand in every aspect of it's production. That was then - this is now.... How far the world has come in that short period of time and how many more items we have gone on to sell whilst retaining bow ties as our core product.

Time has a way of wearing all of us down and of forcing us to confront some things which we might otherwise not like to accept. In my own sphere I had to accept I am falling behind on technology and my code writing for CSS has slipped away from me. Furthermore, I had to accept that when we started we sold a hand-full of bow ties when nobody else had tie your own bow ties on the web. These days we run through so many silks that inventory has started to become a concern. Alas, if you can't beat them, join them - and so without further ado, I implore you to use our new website and I offer you our first iteration of the new website - WWW.LENOEUDPAPILLON.COM - and I kindly ask you to give your feedback if you find ways for us to improve the site experience.

And considering that I feel a sense of ominous change in my life just around the corner, and considering we are so close to the Ides Of March I offer all of you a chance to shop the website till Tuesday 17th March with $50.00 Off your order. The code word is: THEIDESOFMARCH

Shop the code now. 

The ominous Ides Of March is upon us  - a time for change - both in our website at Le Noeud Papillon and potentially in your wardrobe.

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