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Sunday, March 15, 2015

OOoooh Thank God - It's Starting To Get Cool In Sydney

Muggy heat in Sydney which pervades the air from late January to early March means that, certainly for me, wearing a shirt and a tie is forbidden. I mean to say unless I have a specific event to go to I will avoid at all costs wearing a shirt and tie. It's for this reason I worked on Moth of Sydney . 

Some of my friends pray for an endless summer and would gladly spend their days walking around in board shorts and polo t-shirts for the rest of their lives if it were possible. I am of a different ilk. I love my summer but I like it to be about as long as I like a good vacation - around 3 weeks. The rest of it, the flies, the mosquitoes, the sweaty back, the perspiring forehead, sunburn - well, you can keep it all as far as I am concerned.

When the winds picked up yesterday and the nights got cooler I was already thinking fondly of wearing shirts and trousers again and tying my first bow tie of the Autumn. Which brings me to my point - on rummaging around my old drawers I found the three ties below and since I wear ties so irregularly these days I thought about making myself three bow ties from the fabulous silks below. I will keep you posted on how they turn out.

One tie I note is the Charvet tie in the centre. You get to know a tie pretty well when you cut it up and as bloggers more reputable than myself have observed, there isn't really much to making a silk neck tie. But that's just it - since there isn't much to a tie, you really notice when a neck tie has been made very well and you get a gist of this when you cut it up. The Charvet tie was particularly well made with a lovely weight of interlining which perfectly married up to the weight of the silk coupled with a beautiful yellow slip stitch which was very well executed and lovely attention to details on the label.

Sometimes it's when things are supposedly simple to make that you therefore note the quality when one brand surpasses another. It looks simple on the outset but when you break it down it is the right handle of woven silk jacquard with the right interlining with the right folding and slip stitch and the right label that make it so. Small things that all add up and the subtractions are equally as important. I guess it's like good Italian cooking.

Charvet of Paris, makers of very lovely ties.

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