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Monday, March 30, 2015

A Baby Blue Shirt Is The Most Versatile Accoutrement

In a world where suits generally speaking are becoming less and less prevalent, the shirt seems to be one item of clothing that is still relevant regardless of whether you wear suits or not. In summer it becomes a focal point, especially if you don't wear a tie. In winter it becomes the base cloth from which you then layer items on top from pull-overs to scarves. It's also nice to know when you are layering that whatever layer first touches your skin is soft and comfortable.

The most versatile and wonderful shirt I have owned over the last five years has consistently been baby blue shirting cotton in a fine twill or popeline. Many companies that produce luxury shirting will all offer a variation on this cloth - it is to shirting weavers what the fruit bowl is for painters. 

Of all the greatest twills that I have come across there are only two which really stand out for me. The first is the Monti 200 West Indian Sea Island Cotton which is exquisite in handle but also is hard wearing and looks fantastic two years into the life of the shirt. The other is the Rothschild 200 2 ply by Canclini in their Lusso range of fabrics. Both in my own experience are exceptionally long lasting fabrics with a particular lustre and handle which radiates a certain luxury.

A great baby blue twill like the one below is so exceptional because on top of feeling lovely against your skin it is also the most versatile shirt to work into your ensembles. It works well with pastels in the summer, it works well with navy jeans in the autumn, and when winter arrives you can layer over the top your favourite cashmere scarf. In the spring you will have use for it when you start to play with your newly nature-inspired colour palette. In summary, it is a shirt that can be worn year-round. It is to shirts what navy is to suits. 

Why not consider rewarding yourself with one nice baby blue shirt.

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