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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Success Is Such A Lovely Sweet Thing

Today I was on the blog The Dandy Portraits  which I had not visited for some time. It was swamped by more images of men who take the time to define themselves in the clothes they wear but I was even more excited by the fact that The Dandy Portraits has been featured on CBS news. The video was a wonderful interview with the author Natty Adams and photographer Rose Callahan but also a lovely insight into Eddie Hayes, the refined and elegantly dressed New York attorney famous for being the inspiration for the book and film The Bonfire Vanities by Tom Wolfe. What I liked about meeting Eddie Hayes in this interview is that he is more about classic 'elegance' of dressing and less about 'vintage' or 'nostalgia' dandyism. Coupled with a bold and forthright personality, I find myself preferring to follow in his footsteps than say those that subscribe to a by-gone era of dandyism. While I am not casting any aspersions on those that dress in this more ornate manner, I am saying that within this very loose umbrella of 'dandy' there are so many sub-categories each with it's own subscribers, which I think the journalist seems to understand and convey effectively.

For those of you with a spare five minutes, watch the video here. But perhaps the greatest tid bid or 'tell' to be taken from the video is that Eddie Hayes' tailor is Beckenstein bespoke. And having a brief portal into the Beckenstein's and it's fabrics I am almost certainly putting it on my next list of Things To Do In New York.

For those of you new to this blog - read our interview with Rose Callahan back in 2011 when she was first collaborating with Nathaniel Adams.

Congratulations Natty & Rose - you deserve all the success you get for I Am Dandy.

Author Natty Adams and portrait photographer Rose Callahan pose for a photo at their book launch in Zurich for I Am Dandy.

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