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Friday, November 28, 2014

Be Generous This Christmas But More With Your Thoughts Than With Your Money

Across the city of Sydney today there was a real Christmas buzz in the air from the Queen Victoria Building to the Strand Arcade and the Pitt Street Mall. You could really feel that people were starting to get traction with their browsing and shopping.

I also have been purchasing a few small items in the lead up to Christmas but one of the things I am most concentrating on this year is the quality of the paper and inks that I am using on my notes which, against all odds,  I am writing left-handed with a fountain pen. 

If I could offer you one bit of advice this Christmas it's to buy less bulk and give more thought to your purchases. The other day I had my mother and father drop by and when my father was trying things on my mother made a sigh of relief and said 'well, you better get something here then because it's so hard to shop for you'. The truth is, it's not that hard to shop for people - what people lack is the patience to understand what the other person wants. If you listen carefully, most people will tell you - but we are in such an awful rush these days that we give pathetic gifts like gift vouchers to a generic department store. 

One thing that is universally loved though is a hand-written note that tells you how wonderful you are and for those I recommend this website in Sydney for some very reasonably priced but beautiful stationary. Click here to see Papier D'Amour's range.

As for our own range we had a big win this week when the first batch of our English woven jacquard silks came in finished differently to our regular silks with a certain chemical process that gives a very bright and punchy finish. These are very dense, very expensive silks and only 10-20 will be available in each silk and then poof, they are gone.

Shop the new silks at Le Noeud Papillon by clicking here

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