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Friday, November 7, 2014

Gaziano & Girling Bench Made Burnham Boots For Le Noeud Papillon - A Taste Of Something Very Delicate

The chelsea boot is known in Australia (or Australian vernacular 'riding boots') to be the kind of rough and tumble stockman boot that could see you in a ditch digging dirt, throwing a rope around a horse, stepping down from a tractor or walking into a shearing shed. The more ornate models which are referred to in the range of the most famed Australian maker, R.M Williams, as 'dress boots', are worn by men and women alike in more formal areas. They can be worn into the local country town, to the pub, to a Bachelors And Spinsters Ball, occasionally to weddings (black calf with a tuxedo doesn't look too bad) and often with a suit in the city (great in winter when it's raining and you need to have clearance from puddles).

But that is roughly where it ends for Australian made chelseas except for the very wealthy Australians that indulge in exotic skins such as ostrich or crocodile boots which retail for around $5000.

Next week, as an alternative, we will be writing a more lengthy discussion on a pair of chelsea boots made for Le Noeud Papillon by famed shoe makers Gaziano & Girling  who are making such a name for themselves that since we first set about working with Tony Gaziano I have since seen Liam Neeson and even Gildo Zegna turning up to get shoes made and now wait with bated breath to see who will walk through their Savile Row store next!  Celebrities aside, this team, which we have written about here before, are doing wonderful things for English made shoes and just recently launched their own patina service which will rival their continental contemporary rivals of Berluti and Corthay for example.

Here is a sneak peak and stay tuned for more.

Stay tuned to see the final results on a pair of custom made chelsea boots by Gaziano & Girling for Le Noeud Papillon

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