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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A Shirt Is An Extension Of Your Personality

Make No Mistake.... 

We've been very lucky with our strong Australian dollar. It has meant that cloth which used to make a luxury bespoke shirt start from $400.00AUD upwards, has come down to as low as $275.00AUD. Cloths from companies such as S.I.C Tess, Canclini, Monti and Carlo Riva were once upon a time unheard of in Australia. Technology, the internet and digital ordering systems and faster and more flexible courier services have helped change the landscape of custom made shirts. Coupled with our high dollar, there has never been a better time for an Australian man to indulge in the luxury of a custom made shirt. 

Your Details On File: 
The benefit of using our shirt service is that you don't have to worry about the sizing. Once we have done your template it sits as a CAD drawing on our computer system and every time you order a shirt we just press click and print. For some of our customers we keep up to 4 patterns on file. From day casual shirts right through to the intricate nature of business shirts and evening dress shirts, we have you covered for all occasions. Better still, when your details are on file and no changes are needed to your pattern, you can order fewer shirts the second time around. 

 The Bespoke Or Custom Process Versus Made To Measure: 
A bespoke or custom shirt is a shirt that is made from scratch to the measurements of the customer. The difference between a bespoke and a made to measure shirt is the time taken to make the shirt. With respect to a made-to-measure shirt, only elements of a block (the sleeve length, the length, the cuff size  and collar size etc) are changed. In a bespoke or custom shirt, over 10 measurements are taken at the first fitting, coupled with a try on shirt process to identify tweaks and changes needed before final completion. We do, however, offer a made-to-measure shirt service with over 19 try-on shirts available and a reduction in the price of the shirt; but we truly believe that for an authentic long term relationship, you should choose our bespoke service. 

The Benefits Of Great Cloth:
Only a man who wears a fine cotton shirt can truly appreciate the role of the shirt maker. When a shirting cloth is like cardboard you seldom see the difference between a finely tailored shirt and one which is off the rack. It is only when you see the draping effect of a fine cloth that you can suddenly appreciate all that went into making your shirt fit. This year we are still working from Canclini's Lusso collection as well as our limited bolts of Carlo Riva fabric available in white, light blue, tartan and blue white stripe. 

Personalise Your Shirts:
Our shirt maker is one of the best shirt makers in Australia. He knows it too. So when we set about making your shirt, every aspect of it gets looked over and we are mostly happy to do any detail you want. Whether you like your French cuffs, whether you want a contrasting satin ribbon inside your collar or whether you want your initials embroidered in the centre of your cuff, we can and we will do it. 

Choose The Silk Of Your Tie To Match The Cloth Of Your Shirt And Jacket:
We now have a huge amount of silk on hand. Choose from over 100 rolls of silk from the world's top silk weaving companies to find a personalised tie to suit your needs in one of our 12 tie patterns or 19 bow tie patterns on hand. And if you think you know better than us, bring your favourite tie and we can match the shape.Feel free to contact us with your questions on

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