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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Rugby Chic For Christmas

Whilst in the Place Clemencau in Biarritz this Europen summer I passed a shop called Seelio ( and I stumbled upon something which I would rarely indulge in: rugby jumpers. Frankly, I am the last person to be seen at rugby matches and the only reason I have gone to two this year is because I was told it was a 'boys night out' for one of the matches and because the second one curried favour with my girlfriend's family who are mad Wallaby supporters. It's not me. I don't like hordes of people sporting team jerseys, I rarely indulge in sports where I have to rely on another human being in order to play the game and I am baffled by so many people getting all worked up over a ball that doesn't bounce properly. My two great joys from going to these matches are 1) food which is bad for you (hot dogs and meat pies especially) and 2) the Mexican wave when it comes around. To my surprise, I can now add a new element. The craft of a well made rugby jersey.

The current team jerseys, however, barely scratch up to the ones I saw in Seelio. These jerseys came from Sports D'Epoque - a French company that specialises in 'Made In France' historic team jerseys from local provincial French teams, cities, national jerseys and international team jerseys. The website is accompanied by vintage photos that send you on a nostalgic journey back to when rugby was played by intelligent men, not walnuts, and each jersey comes with it's own unique story and product information which is sent out with the package. What I am trying to say to you is, this makes an excellent Christmas present that is unique, well-made and stylish and they are very reasonably priced.

I personally purchased the jersey of Bayonne and I have to say it is my favourite walking jumper and the vintage nature of it mixed with light colours means I get a Ralph Lauren chic feeling without having to subscribe to a rugby team that currently exists, thereby avoiding all conflict should I bump into a mindless zealot from a local rugby club looking for a fight.

Bottom left, the jersey from Bayonne, France, one of the first stops of Hemingway in Fiesta The Sun Also Rises

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