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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

It Can Get Too Academic Sometimes

Sometimes you can over-complicate things. I was once told by my old music teacher who had the hairiest hands that Mozart had once experimented with nine different notes using some ancien liquid paper technique to cut and paste one note over the other on his music sheet. When historians peeled back the nine notes they found that Mozart had settled on the first note that he had tried. Or, in other words, as Winston Churchill once said of the Americans, 'they will always do the right thing once they have exhausted all other options'. With those two observations in mind we set about trying to create the perfect single piece bow tie with just enough body. Our aim was to please Simon Crompton of Permanent Style as he had noted in an email that he was particularly interested in the single piece bows. We decided to use our classic black mogador silk and begin to use a contrast 30/3 thread stitch to signify which interlining was which. We used our standard interlining, cotton and wool. Our standard is made of polyester and it has been an amazing interlining with very little headaches at all, but just to be academic we decided to try natural fibres instead. The result? I am not going to tell you! You will have to order a single piece bow tie for me to give you the answer!!! In the meantime, one of those bows is off to England for the appraisal of Mr. Crompton.

Orange thread label denoting our standard interlining fabric
Standard finish on a one piece bow

Blue stitched label - a foray into cotton interlining

The cotton finish

Red denotes the use of wool

Batwing bow ties in one piece used to experiment with linings

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