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Saturday, August 25, 2012

It's Easy To Spot A Well Dressed Man

After lunch with some old friends and a drop in to the city stores to see how my little butterflies had been selling I traversed the city from Sussex Street to St. Mary's Cathedral to collect my car. On my way through Hyde Park I heard someone call out to me, and when I looked over there was an incredibly well dressed man sitting on a park bench next to an older man in sandles with socks, denim and aviators, who looked completely contrasting to the dapper young man sitting next to him. That man was Ryan Cigana, who you have no doubt seen on this blog before as an entrant in our portrait competition. Seated on the bench next to Ryan was a copy of the book he was reading 'Rembrandts self portraits'. Ryan was wearing a Dormeuil made to measure suit that he had bought at Claude Sebastian. It looked remarkable in the afternoon light and perhaps the photo does not do it justice. He also sported a vintage watch which dated to the early 1900's and a remarkable shirt, tie and waistcoat ensemble. Ryan is one of the few men in Sydney who has carved out an irreplicable style which includes his spectacles always draping from his neck by lanyard which is something one would expect from the old folk, not the young folk. On asking him about his Dormeuil made to measure, Ryan said he could not be happier. After a short conversation I went to leave and the old man next to Ryan began telling me that my soul was dead and that it was irrelevant what we looked like on the outside, what mattered was on the inside. He then called me a fool. It is very enjoyable when people attack you randomly in parks.... in the middle of broad daylight... luckily I called the Style Police and was about to have the old man arrested for Poor Taste, but in actual fact, I liked his getup.

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