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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Huntsman On Huntsman

This is a lovely little video on Huntsman. They have a great website, very simple, very elegant and yet very human. When I first read about Huntsman it was in relation to single button suits and jackets. I have never had the inclination to actually go and visit, mostly because I had a terrible experience of London in 2001 and I loathe people always telling me that I ought to go back. 'You didn't live London like I lived London, maybe if you had, you wouldn't feel that way'. It makes me not want to go even more.

Back to London, back to Huntsman. This charming website has loads of eye catching content. From their associations with brands such as Albert Thurston for braces, Toscanini for hangers, a bespoke tie service where you can initial the rear blade of the tie, luxurious smoking jackets, unique bright tweeds, stunning window-pane checks.... I could have spent hours on the site. It is also coupled with clear and concise language. Definitely definitely have a look. It upsets me that you can't buy it online, but perhaps that will cause me to overcome my fear of London and snotty Englishmen and go once more back into the foray. Here is Huntsman on Huntsman...

"Huntsman has reigned supreme at the heart of Savile Row, with over 160 years' experience of dressing success. Kings and queens, stars of stage and screen, nobility and heads of industry are amongst our alumni of customers, and our clothing is as unique and distinguished as they are. Our team of cutters and tailors are Savile Row trained, their decades of learning and expertise key to Huntsman's continue prestige. From town to country, bar to ballroom, our tailoring is not dictated to by the caprice of the catwalk or the fickle nature of fashion, but is timeless and quietly assured. We dress the best, make the best and expect the best. Without this ethos, we wouldn't be Huntsman."

Sold! Anyone with that much attitude can have my business! Below is Huntsman's opinion on black tie and the bow tie:

1. Wear a self-tied bow tie, 
2. Wear a white dress shirt with French cuffs,
3. Remember a white pocket square in either silk or cotton.

1.Wear a winged collar shirt, 
2. Forget to wear a cummerbund for a polished look, 
3. Wear colour; keep it classic and avoid coloured bow ties and socks.

This is coupled with a quote from Oscar Wilde in the footer:

"The man who can dominate a London dinner table can dominate the world"

Huntsman, a classic  one button sports coat in their  signature tweeds that they develop

A chocolate brown smoking jacket with brown satin lapel and turned back cuff, rope piping and frogging clasp
A Huntsman bow tie, very nice

Salivating - a burgundy velvet smoking jacket in shawl lapel

Remarkable workmanship and very elegant lines

Drooling. I think I have seen this on a blogging website before. This was a windowpane check with red window panes which I was unable to find on any cloth company's bunches. Perhaps it is a custom made wool for Huntsman.

The underbelly of Huntsman, the famous cuttings sheets for some of their celebrated clientele

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