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Thursday, February 23, 2012

It Is So Gratifying When Your Customers Like What You Do

This email arrived from a regular customer. I find it so enjoyable when his emails come through and I stop what I am doing to read all that he has to say, not just about the bow ties, but about how he puts his outfits together. I hope you like it too.

As it happens the bows I'd ordered this time didn't really suit the sombre weather we'd be having here lately. I've managed to collect quite a lot of your wares over the past year, so rolling out a new bow more slowly is much easier, and, I think, showcases the new bow in a better light. It just doesn't feel right to wear a sky blue jacket on a day the rain's coming down sideways, after all. 

Needless to say the outfit was a pretty big success, though -- one of my favourites in some time. I wore Parisian Nights with the aforementioned jacket and some wonderful navy pants I'd recently acquired, and though I could use some better shoes to tie it all together, I was happy with the result. I'll admit I mishandled the Orlando debut somewhat, though: I paired it with a grey pinstriped jacket that didn't really make the best match. As much as I love the Orlando, I do think it's a bit hard to incorporate into one's wardrobe. The navy dots are an excellent detail, but they get lost if there's no other colour in the outfit. In a perfect world I'd love to wear it with a navy smoking jacket (or just a velvet jacket, maybe), but I'll have to leave that for another day. 

I'm sure I'm boring you with those details by now, but at the risk of being verbose I did want to add one more thing: 

I recently purchased a couple other bows from a small American bow tie company I'd heard about. It's called NO NAME MENTIONED, and their wares looked pretty interesting to me. I couldn't help but notice the prices were what I'd call downright cheap -- certainly a noteworthy detail.

It turns out you get what you pay for, though -- I ordered a velvet bow and one of the last of a cotton fabric they had. While I'm certainly not disappointed, the quality of the velvet is, in all honesty, rather low. It looks okay, but the feel of it is rough and unpleasant. (I ordered it in lieu of a Dicky -- when I'd made up my mind to get one of those, naturally you'd sold out of it by then. Ah well.) The other cotton bow is definitely of better quality but compared to your own wares it's somewhat... lacking. 

So essentially what I'm trying to say is that your own bows are still far and away my favourite. I know you've heard me say that many times by now but I still find it remarkable just how much I like them. So I'll go ahead and risk sounding obsequious one more time (and what a loathsome trait that is!) and say that I remain, as ever, a fan of your work.


B.P "

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