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Friday, August 11, 2017

Finding Your Inner Peacock Again

There is a possibility that I am or was having a mid life crisis. If it weren't a crisis then it was certainly a renaissance or a resurrection. My micro crisis involved a lot of skiing and some other things which I must keep from this blog - I have a tendency to over share - or so those dear to me like to tell me.

Anyway, so it got me thinking, that with spring approaching, it's not really a crisis is it? I was reminded recently of that expression that psychotherapists seem to love "this too shall pass" - whatever we are feeling, whatever uncomfortable things we must sit with, whatever bliss or joy seems to be brimming over our cup of life, it will no doubt change, and change again. 

So you can view it as a crisis or perhaps you can see it as an agent of change and evolution. And with a very personal and real experience recently, which to some extent changed the colours I saw in the horizon, I found myself re-engaging with all that I love. Music, poetry, art, my clothes. 

And it was my music and my clothes that stuck out the most. I had simply forgotten how much I loved listening to music when I drive, or how much I loved spending time on my own. And then there was my dressing. For too long I turned up to the Studio like a slob because I knew by the end of the day I would either have silk threads all over myself or else I'd have stayed in my gym gear for too long. 

With spring approaching, rekindling your love for fine things again should be on your agenda. For me it was tying silk in new ways, one of which was to tie a silk pochette as a neckerchief whilst I skied down the mountain. It seemed like a small but impressive way to wear silk in a more casual and athletic environment. And it sure beat a bandanna. 

So maybe it's not a crisis at all. Maybe it's a resurrection. And spring certainly is a good time to think about resurrections.

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