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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Our Second Graffiti-Esque Silk Design In Collaboration With Sloane Angell In Los Angeles

I was so happy to receive the new design from Sloane Angell after a long period of back and forth over what sort of graffiti might repeat well inside a silk. Sloane has an excellent hand, much better than my own, but it's also his affinity to young contemporary artists and his experience in designing for his own and other brands that really made me want to continue more work with him. Most of it gets done over whatsapp. In years gone past I am sure it wasn't done like this and one thing I love about technology is the freedom of ideas being exchanged between Milan, Los Angeles, New York, Como, London and Sydney with a fluidity that beats emails, faxes, phone calls and everything that came before it.

None of our silks are ever perfect, save our polka dots and satins I guess. There is always a certain organic component to them which accepts imperfection as a trade off for the speed of which we express ideas and move on to the next silk. Below if I were a perfectionist I would find that the hidden colour, the black warp, meant that the silk did not have the richness of some of the designs we have worked on. But then finding the right kind of warp to do this work on, no matter if we chose Italy or the UK, would likely have rendered one imperfection or another. No, that is the price you pay sometimes but for me, in seeing something so different as to what is presented below as a soon to be silk bow tie, it is a small price to pay.

Look out for this silk bow tie in late September.

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