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Friday, January 15, 2016

The Passage Of Time Means That None Of Us Should Take Today For Granted

When we set out to design this silk my graphic designer and I, sitting side by side, were working on trying to create an element of chaos to the orderly nature of time keeping. The genesis was that I had a wonderful vintage Rolex from 1973 that got salt water in it and had to be repaired, requiring the replacement of many different components of the watch, which, when handed back to me in a tiny little plastic tub, held me captivated for days. 

Growing up there were no skeletal chronometers with windows in them giving you conceptually an understanding of the mechanics of time keeping. That is, to my understanding, a relatively new concept from makers like Roger Dubuis etc where you get to really see the elements of the watch working together. So, for me, the first time I saw these components of a watch was when my watch came back from repair. 

I took to photographing them under a magnifying glass and hoped that if I tried to capture their essence on Illustrator that the mills would be able to show up the definition on these tiny little pieces. Once that was done I wished to lay them out in a manner which looked chaotic. That something which in the form of a clock is so ordered, when broken down and placed in a plastic tub looks chaotic and disorderly. I thought it was a very fair assessment of time. If we look at events singularly or if we isolate them and try to put them in one container by banding certain things together, we always see life as chaotic. It's only when we give ourselves enough space and time that all those individual elements and events seem to come together in their natural fit and show us the passage of time rather than chaos.

I am not entirely sure that my thought on this subject is quite yet distilled enough, but for the moment that is all I can offer you in terms of words and, with hope, the silk will provoke it's own dialogue. However, if there is one thing I do wish to say is this, don't take today for granted. Time is taking it's toll on everybody. Today included. 

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