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Saturday, January 9, 2016

Caulaincourt Australia - Continued

I wonder if the pleasure I derive from seeing a hand-made patina will ever cease or marginally diminish to the point that I no longer seek it out. In order for that to happen, perhaps, it might have to become ubiquitous or perhaps the retail chain Zara will find a way to emulate it or pay a team of thousands so little that it might become cost-effective enough for them to put it in the store; then the cheese dicks will get a hold of it - then - perhaps - it will lose its lustre.

For the time being patina, good patina at least, is something which resides only with the best artisans willing to devote a certain amount of their time to a pair of shoes, briefcase, holdall, wallet, belt or saddle.

You can't pretend to know how to do it, you either do it over and over until you understand and master the technique between the dyes, the brushes, the alcohol, spirits and strippers, the cotton buds, the waxes, the pomades and the nourishing creams - or you don't - something which prevents the large volume and margin chasing shoe makers from putting an SKU on patina. But, more importantly, you either have the time to do it or you don't. One small brush stroke with the wrong colour and you have finished a pair of boots or banished them to an unwanted darker shade to match that wrong stroke or daub or spill.

I love leather patina. In case you didn't work that one out. Yes, there are many new entrants into this space. It once was, almost exclusively to my knowledge, a space owned by Berluti. These days owing to the internet and the alacrity by which knowledge is passed on by way of new media, the craft is spreading much more rapidly. The new entrants into the market place are just as exciting as the older houses such as Berluti, but in turn they have forced companies like Berluti to evolve and create newer and even more exciting products, such as some high-top sneakers I recently spotted on Mr. Porter. 

Below is just some of the refreshing products coming to Australia by way of Caulaincourt Paris of which I had the chance to take a good look at some of the more recent samples this week which I photographed some for our blog readers below.

And still there is more to come!

A stunning patina briefcase  by Caulaincourt Paris for approximately $1500 AUD with a pair of matching patina chelsea boots for approximately $950.00 finished with patina and glacage to taste. 

Caulaincourt Paris is now in the gestational stage of making their own small leather goods. 

A selection of colour patinas being offered from purples to burgundies to browns. 

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