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Monday, May 4, 2015

The Tesla Embodies Everything We Can Expect In The Future

Last week I was fortunate enough to spend an evening with a group of UBS bankers who put on an evening at Tesla in Sydney to show off the new cars that have started appearing in Sydney. It doesn't take much to conceive a Tesla. In the AWD it's two electric engines front and back of the chassis and the middle is filled with batteries. But that simplicity is then offset by the vast technology that goes into the car which allows you to control the entire car from the centre console, auto pilot yourself to where you want to go to and effectively you have a gigantic iPad running your entire car so that you use the screen to manipulate what used to be done by knobs. Makes perfect sense.

At the event the ex head of Microsoft Australia spoke very eloquently about the future. Often these talks are a bit too full of fantasy for me but this particular gentleman spoke of the numbers behind data modelling which show that soon we won't drive our own cars because computers do a much better job statistically and insurers will push for driver-less cars to drive down the cost of premiums. In another anecdote relayed the same chap told a story that data modelling on New York taxis showed that driver-less taxis would increase efficiencies to the extent that roads would be less clogged, a customer would never wait more than 37 seconds for a taxi and there would be far fewer road accidents. This same system it must therefore be assumed would one day be taking over the delivery of parcels. 

It's going to be a brave new world out there and funnily enough I was left with one thought "but what happens to the bow tie in this new world?" - I guess only our customers know the answer to that. 

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