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Monday, May 25, 2015

A Testimonial For Our Rarely Seen Neck Ties

Mostly we do not produce neck ties. It's a very hard space to compete in, especially when the Italians and the English do such a great job of them and because they are ubiquitous across the internet. So, we usually only make ties for people who know our company and seek us out for neck ties via word of mouth. Ties appear to be simple on the outside but a lot goes into that simplicity that connoisseurs can spot from a mile off. What interlining you used, the shape of the blades, the width, the stitching techniques employed, the silks and wools used, the print repeat, the tipping and the finishing details all make up the minds of men in the know who move from one tie company to the next based on some new technique or fabric being offered. Therefore, we tend not to chase tie lovers but let those that want what we offer to come to us. And it's nice when you are appreciated. Below a Sydney barrister wrote in to talk about his recent Le Noeud Papillon neck tie.

"About a year ago, you were kind enough to agree to produce a series of custom jacquard silk neck ties for me.  I now have five, and wear one each day (around chambers, to Court when not robed, to functions etc).  As much as I’ve enjoyed the exclusivity of our project, this note (which I’m happy for you to upload) is intended to share with your LNP readers your talent with neck ties.  

Attached are some pictures of the most recent tie you produced for me, I believe you said both sides were alternating natte basket weave silks you had loomed in Como.  I love it, and have had numerous people ask about it.  As you know, I prefer double-sided ties with contrasting patterns/colours, and strong, neat, and discreet stitching - so that each side stands on its own merits, and can be flipped for the occasion.  You’ve achieved that perfectly.  

Notwithstanding that you’ve produced the ties with fine Italian silks, they're incredibly durable.  No signs at all of pulling around the knotted section (or elsewhere), or any fraying of the silk or stitching.  I can see that each tie will be an active wardrobe piece for many years to come.    

I’m not sure whether you intend to expand your business to cover neckties (as an additional staple to bows), but I suggest you do.  They’re no more expensive (or cheaper) than designer brand ties (Italian name, but produced in 2nd world countries), but of substantially higher quality (at the standard for which you’re renowned with your bows).  

It puts a spring in my step knowing that I have an LNP around my neck each day, and I’m sure other LNP followers would feel the same.   

I’ll contact you this week to arrange a time for my next visit at the Vaucluse LNP Studio. 

Many thanks,"

Sydney, Australia

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