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Friday, July 18, 2014

Leng Bespoke Part 2 - The Divinity Of A Hand-Made Full Bespoke Suit

“Quite right, a blue suit is the most versatile of accoutrements.  More important than the suit itself is the man who fits it for you.  Once you find a good tailor, you must never give his name away…not even under the threat of bodily harm.” 

These were the wise words of Uncle Harry in the Ridley Scott film A Good Year starring Russell Crowe. The trouble with these words is that most men who are inclined to seek out a tailor are also inclined to be secretive about that tailor if they are happy with the product. The problem then becomes, how does the tailor get more business? Below is the suit finished for me by Leng Bespoke which I spoke of last week. The result of 60 man hours  and two fittings is a wide notched lapel sort-of-navy hopsack wool suit with the wool coming from Bateman & Ogden. 

Am I happy? Yes I am and I wish to share this with you so that you too can visit Leng Bespoke and order your own custom made piece of clothing, be it a suit or a jacket, so that you too can know what it's like when something is sketched by hand from your measurements, cut by hand, sewn by hand and pressed by hand (well, using your hands to do the work) . There is almost no sewing machine work that is used in this suit - even the trousers are made almost entirely by hand. I know a lot of you out there are purchasing suits from MTM programmes that operate out of low-wage paying countries and I understand the economic rationalisation of this - I too work to a budget, but I implore you to make an enquiry with Leng just to know what it's like and to see his service and his workroom because there is such an art and a craft to what they do that it's worth a visit regardless of whether you decided to proceed. 

The word divine is often used liberally and loosely by women to describe hand-bags and gourmet food or a celebrity they aspire to be like but the word really means 'of or like a God' and in my humble opinion a full hand-made bespoke suit is from the Gods because it is a pursuit by a man to use his God-given instruments to elegantly create a garment from naturally produced fibres to make a suit to the measurements of another human beings body. There is divinity in that. 

Leng Bespoke: Tel: 0430 388 528 Email:  Address: Ground Floor 20 York St Sydney 2000

Disregard the mirror which needs a clean - this is perfectly beautiful navy wool. I am sporting a scarf from A Suitable Wardrobe and a Le Noeud Papillon shirt, pocket square and silk lapel flower. 

Leng worked on a pair of trousers to include my recent fascination with Luca Rubinacci inspired high waist band with in built belt. 

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