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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

For The New Studio - Something Special For The Window

When it came time to choosing how to decorate my window display for the new studio I decided that it needed something special to really show off the lustrous and rich Italian silks we wish to display in the window. After a period of deliberation and a few phone calls I got in touch with Mike from Mike's Signs. Mike seemed to think nothing was outside the parameters of his work, which usually makes me nervous when someone talks like this, but in the case of Mike, he seemed to have all the answers. All I knew was that we needed to play around in gold because of the window frames I inherited when I took my lease. 

Two weeks and a few bush fires later, Matt ( from Mike's team ), was ready to come on site. We had been through a number of iterations about which colour blue, what processes, what colours of gold, the level of detail required and so on until I eventually came to the conclusion that if I bothered Mike any more the job might never get done. 

The process was extremely exciting. All the work was created in vector graphics .AI files by myself. Each item was then printed individually by Mike's team within their workroom whilst the metallic pin stripes had to be hand cut individually and placed on a roll. For myself I have always been as fascinated with the process as I have been with the output, so I am going to show you each stage below and tell you a little about it.

1. After cleaning the windows thoroughly, Matt begins to stick down the metallic gold pin stripes

2. Matt prepares the laser cut gold letters to be affixed to the windows

3. Matt carefully places each item on the window

4. Matt now prepared the windows for painting enamel for the backdrop

5. A rich coat of enamel paint is placed on the rear side of the window to provide the desired glazed effect

6. Voila - A new sign is born. 

We are still not yet finished but I envisage that sooner than later we will be able to show you the final product. In the meantime, if you would like to indulge in a thoroughly enjoyable window sign process, consider contacting Mike's Signs here.

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