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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Tom Wolfe, The Clothes Maketh The Man

You have to hand it to Tom Wolfe, he's one of the most charmingly dressed men in the world and he is consistent. I can recall watching a documentary on Woody Allen and his ability to understand rhythm in films through his ability to play clarinet and his wider musical appreciation. Perhaps Tom Wolfe's attention to his own personal wardrobe, in the same manner, gives him an appreciation for the finest of details in his writing. Wolfe is impeccably dressed in almost any photo you find on the internet. His style is classical whilst having the great eye for colour, tonality and texture. If there is one man whose meticulous style I don't think I could emulate, it is Tom Wolfe's. His style is stamped with so much personality and detail that it is it's own form of DNA. 

I have not read any novels by Tom Wolfe but that is about to change. I am told his latest book on Cuban Americans in Miami, titled Back To Blood, is a great read. So this week, I am going to spend a great deal of time immersing myself in everything Tom Wolfe, from Wiki pages to novels to style photos. 

If there is one thing I would dearly love to know, it is the wool bunch number of the cream and navy box check below.... Well done Mr Wolfe, apart from leaving behind a body of literary work, you leave also behind a great deal of sarto-porn. 

A young Tom Wolfe -  style seems to have always been with him. 

Cream box check 3 piece suit in wide notched lapel - how cool

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