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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Other Side Of Paradise

Most of us think that Bali is pure bliss - sweltering heat, five and six star resorts, day clubs, beach clubs, sun beds, day beds, mojitos, pina coladas, long tubing waves, reef, sand, sarongs, bikinis and board shorts. There is however, another side to Bali, one which is hard at work whilst you are hard at play. Part of those hard at work are in the rag trade, and of those, a proportion are working at turning you out your shirts and suits within the time frame of which you sojourn in Bali.

The brightest shining star of the Bali custom-made / bespoke tailoring business is 'Alta Moda' which is located in Kuta on the outer part of the Galeria Istana. Inside you will find three floors of custom-made heaven. On the ground floor there is silk, rayon and polyester, mostly geared towards the female clientele, then on the second floor it is 'men's business' with wool and cotton shirting, then the third floor is purely for a variety of silks geared towards the wedding and formal markets with additional sections for polyester satins.

It is an exciting place to be. When I arrived I spotted some other guests attending the same wedding. Two days later I took another group of guests there - taking them on a 'guided tour'. Such is the nature of a short trip away; that the person who went there the day before you becomes the 'expert' for the day. Adorable. So there we were all choosing our wools and cottons and in the process I had a few rayon sarongs made for myself and some members of my family. I sat with my driver, A_., he sipped on coffee and smoked cigarettes whilst we all waited to be measured. At the end of the day we all whispered to one another what we'd paid for our clothes and it put everyone in good spirits. Yes, we came, we saw, we pillaged..... Yes, yes, whilst the dollar still soars then it is time to make hay whilst the sun shines.... The hardest thing to do is to not go overboard and take home things you don't need.

Back to Alta Moda, take a look for yourself:

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