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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

And Then Along Came Ivan....

Ivan added me on Facebook after seeing one of my posts on Angelo Flaccavento's facebook page. I am glad he did. His shoes started popping up on my news feed and I was blown away.

Take a look at some of Ivan's work and enjoy the language barrier as we tried to converse using Google translate for this interview.

Who are you and where are you from?

I'm Ivan Crivellaro and I am from Castle Lake in the province of Avellino, Italy.

Where did you learn the art of shoe making?

After a long course of study that are not inherent in the art, let alone shoes. after about 2 years I decided to leave the university '(the right' pharmacy) and dedicate myself to something that was mine. I ipingo, 4 instruments sound, I love to express myself so I decided to make a fashion school. the last year was a Japanese professor who realized handmade shoes, I realized that I was interested in, 'cause I could accomplish alone, and above all I could combine art, crafts' and I expressed to me especially. with him even for a very short time I learned how to pick a model from a form of shoes - then unfortunately I could follow more ', I liked a lot - from here on I taught mysef trying to figure out videos on you tube, from books explaining how to make a shoe, fortunately for me are very intuitive and also thanks to my obstinacy 'I could create my own unique shoes that represent me. I taught myself to dye the shoes to create natural dyes and unique to my shoes. polished with champagne cristal.

What makes you passionate about shoes?

Me to tell the truth 'are not fond of shoes, but I see the shoe as a canvas already important by itself, because' use excellent materials, and then I am as colorful as if I am painting using ancient techniques.

Are your shoes completely hand-made or are some parts made by others?

I realize that shoes made entirely by hand craft seeds. a big difference even if I use the same materials. I also tailored for those who have opportunity 'to come to my laboratory, or person paying for the plane ticket. I do all these types of shoes to try to please my clients and those who e 'interested and can not' afford expensive to 800 euros up to 12,000 euros for a shoe collection numbered

Your shoes are like works of art, which makes me pose you this question, do you see yourself as an artist or as an artisan craftsman?

I wish that my shoes were seen as works of art and I consider myself an artist craftsman

Which would you prefer to become, rich or famous?

I'd rather be rich, not because 'they are greedy, but because' I love helping others and I would use my skills in creating this kind of shoes to create jobs, and that 'the real wealth that I want to know that I could to give a future to children in Italy and especially in southern Italy did not work. and maybe it will become as a result.

Do you have anything other than shoe making which you are passionate about?

I addition to shoes, my passions, and 'the art and the thought of people who really have something to say that you have an exchange of ideas. and then I just love music and I can make myself 1 hour to play the drums.

What is the one song you most like to listen to when you work?

All Pink Floid, stewie wonder, David Bowie. Chicago, grund funk, jazz, Led Zeppelin, sakamoto, in short, the music made by real people who really know how to play. and then it happens that when I work I accompany you with a nice rum and a cigar instead neisson cohiba.

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