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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Mayer Hawthorne Sound Check

It was quite odd yesterday, I went to fit out the Electric Empire band for shirts at a sound check. I had just finished two weeks earlier a wonderful white shirt for Dennis Dowlut which had a small pointy black heart embroidered on the breast. We then put a slim black band on the cuff, and then DD initials on the lower left panel of the shirt. On that particular shirt we used a 170 2 ply Platino from the Canclini Lusso book.

So there I was running late from my oldest mate's bux event (a cricket match in Moore Park with bikini waitresses) where I had dj'd the event in what turned out to be a karaoke event by the day's end with the great Australiana rock anthems being played and sung to. I finally turned up at Sydney University to measure the boys up from Electric Empire but they were running well late from the Playground Weekender Festival at Wiseman's Ferry.

So I am listening to the sound check for Mayer Hawthorne and I can hear the first notes of 'Maker Her Mine' being played by the guitarist and I see a group of guys on the far side who look exhausted and so I approach them to see where EE is. Then one of them looks like he could be Mayer because I posted some photos of him up only a few weeks ago. Regardless, we worked out who was who and I showed him the bows and I am happy to say he took a Churchill and a Stavros. It was a nice end to a summer where Mayer Hawthorne had played a huge roll in my music repertoire for the summer. There was a certain someone I thought of when I first heard 'Make Her Mine' - she knows who she is.

Later the boys from Electric Empire finally showed up and I got them all measured and hopefully in a few weeks if we can all agree, I will be able to show you some rock star shirts. They are an amazing group - I very much like them and get enormous joy from playing their new album.

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