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Friday, May 7, 2010

Berluti Service Second To None

Three years ago I had the pleasure of purchasing a pair of Berluti shoes, specifically the Warhols, from the store in the 8th. I recalled, as I left the store having just paid the bill, feeling like someone had rogered me, and at that moment the gentleman opened the door and said "Welcome to Berluti". Wow! The way he said it was as though I'd joined a club. I was with my two brothers and of course they were teasing me. So I put the shoes on and walked out of the store as we headed towards the hotel. But my feet were blistering within minutes and I had to pretend that I preferred to ride my bike than walk the pavement as I peddled my way back across Paris.

Of course, I didn't get back to Paris for a while - though I'd been told that you could always take your shoes back and that they'd re-do them for you at no cost. I didn't believe it, I was sure it was an urban myth.

So this morning I rode my bike down to Boulevarde St Germain and parked my bike on the metro rails and walked into Berluti wearing mocha brown limited edition RM Williams, hoping to bring a little Australiana to these Parisiens.

Anyway, I was inside and this chap, Thierry, introduced himself. I explained the situation - that I wanted a repair. He kept saying 'Yes' to everything I asked for, so I got extremely nervous that I was about to be bum raped again, feeling for my wallet just to make sure it was still there. I said 'C'est combien Monsieur?". He replied: "Nothing, just I need some money to send them to you by DHL". Further, when I apologised for my French he said "Non non Monsieur, your French is excellent". It was a glorious feeling - and worth paying through the nose for.

And suddenly I smiled. So that's what they meant when they said "Welcome to Berluti". You really do become part of the family. And then of course, all I wanted to do was to buy another pair. If you don't believe me, email Thierry yourself: Berluti St Germain:

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