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Monday, April 16, 2018

Creed Vetiver - The New Scent Going Out In Our Parcels

It is a joy to find a new scent to spray our packs with. I never grow tired of hunting for a new scent which I think will adequately convey a message to our customers when they open up our bubble bags or take home a carry bag from the Studio. 

Last week I went through the Creed scents again, specifically looking for a small vial I'd been given as a tester in a Como perfumerie. The scent I had was Creed Vetiver but it took me about ten minutes to recognise it. I am not one to know how to associate words with smells in an exacting manner but I felt there was orange, ginger, shallots and herbs in there mixed with cucumber. That's what I felt anyway. 

At Christmas someone had given me a vetiver root deodorant from Aesops and the scent had stood out. 

What an amazing thing scent is. I can still recall there was a scent in the late 90's which was by Donna Karan. I think it was called Petrol or Diesel. And for years after the smell lingered in a cabinet where the last of the bottle remained. After a period of time I got a whiff and it immediately took me to Hong Kong where I'd received the bottle in 1997. One whiff and a flood of memories.

I do hope that over time, long after the customer has bought his first bow tie from us, years from now, that they will get a small trace of that scent on someone walking past them in the street and fondly remember opening a parcel and pulling out a piece of silk. 

A bottle of Creed in Australia costs $370. It's not cheap. But its a small price to pay if I can capture your attention in years to come.

The latest 12mm silk pochettes are online. They are spectacular. Consider getting one before they sell out. 

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