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Thursday, February 1, 2018

Cashmere Factory Visit - Understanding A New Discipline

We have embarked on a project with a new cashmere factory which might take up to 6 months to realise all but 20 units of product. It is an ambitious project and there is no guarantee it will turn out they way I'd like it to but I took the risk mostly because my contacts were as enthusiastic as I was in trying something a little more offbeat. 

Cashmere stoles and rugs like these are often used as decorative pieces for beds and lounges. Each of these pieces would fetch somewhere between one and thousand euros in a retail store and there are minimum orders required that mean that all but a handful of companies internationally would have the client database to move this kind of product. 

My understanding was that the business was primarily involved in selling fabrics in volume to makers who in turn would dye and discharge or digitally print on their fabrics. However, where significant investment was undertaken, they were capable of taking the most prestigious projects, such as personalised cashmere rugs for super yachts, from start to finish.

I had intended to begin producing cashmere scarves for Le Noeud Papillon after this visit, but with the minimum order in the vicinity of 400 metres of fabric, it would be a month of Sundays before we would move the stock. Accordingly I chose a different project, one which would require me to find no more than 20 customers - rich ones.

More to come later. 

Animal prints are particularly popular when producing large cashmere rugs like these. 

The super yacht cashmere and wool rug made Eclipse. 

A customer loved his horse so much he had it turned into a cashmere rug.

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