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Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Writer's Block And The Continual Search For Meaning

Lately I have been having a terrible time keeping up the blog. Instagram is such an addictive and easy way to tell stories on the go and to create good blog content takes time and careful consideration, plus you are required to write longer passages which require more depth of knowledge. As I get older this seems to be dogging me, as well as my enthusiasm to create new menswear content. Whereas once I had few customers and more time on my hands, these days I seem to be in between one wedding party order, cutting silks on the bench, photographing new stock or packing and sending stock. It's not a complaint, but I seldom get those long stretches of 'nothing to do' which I used to fill with researching and writing blog content.

And hasn't Instagram taken off. I rarely use Facebook these days, I seldom even look at my twitter account. I seem to spend my life drawn to two apps, Whatsapp and Instagram. So, admittedly, the blog has suffered, my writing has suffered and, judging by the stats, my audience has suffered too.

The other issue has been the genuine reflexivity offered by Instagram over the blog. We get to stay in touch with our customers, repost their photos of them wearing bow ties, hear their stories and genuinely get a sense of community amongst lovers of bow ties, which the blog doesn't offer because you only get to see what I write. There is a great joy I get when I wake up in the morning and see who has tagged us over night. Most of the photos come from a select few but it's so nice to see your bow ties in Miami, New York, London, Paris, Milan, San Franciso and so on.

So, to those of you who still read our blog, be patient, I have writer's block for the moment and don't know what else to write about for the time being. I encourage you to duck across to our Instagram but I totally get it if you don't want to be a part of it - you can get sucked up into the vortex and never seem to get your head out of it.

Anyway, I thought I would add just a few shots of things that have been relevant to us over the past few weeks and stop past the website as we just uploaded some new silks.

Magnus Omme stopped past and helped me make this movie on how to tie your LNP bow tie

This is our bonsai limited edition silk design. The portrait is by Magnus Omme

This is a wonderful Franck Mueller watch on a customer who took the first of our evil eye limited edition silk.

The new limited edition evil eye silk was produced on an exceptional loom we have not had the opportunity to work on before. The silk is considerably more expensive to produce. 

This is our customer Thomas Carle who sent in this photo when he went to pick up his new car. He has been a big supporter of Le Noeud Papillon

A set of wedding ties I was asked to tie on the wedding party this Sunday just passed. The double four in hand knot looked exceptional on this navy ottoman silk.

New Japanese yuzen silk bow ties that have just been released on the website. 

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