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Friday, October 13, 2017

In The AFR

In my opinion the best apres ski bar in Thredbo is aptly named the Apres-Ski Bar and it resides inside the Denman Hotel which sits on Diggings Terrace just above the main square. I like to put my ski boots into my locker and walk up there at around 4pm to catch Mark Travers on the guitar jamming. 

On one particular day I found myself seated with a chap I'd drunk shots with a few weeks earlier. He was seated with an attractive blonde curly haired woman. We started chatting and as always you trade stories from the day, where did you ski, what did you eat, who were you with... that kind of thing. 

Then I was asked about my business, which I responded in a somewhat brazen but truthful matter that I did not rely on Australians as customers - that my bow tie enthusiast customers came from all over. 

It turns out that the woman seated next to me was Philippa Coates, the deputy editor of the Australian Financial Review Magazine and whatever I had said had piqued her interest. So much so that she offered to write content on me to which I at first said no - knowing that it wouldn't bring me more customers for bow ties. But, I caved, and I am glad I did. She sent out the photographer Dominic Lorrimer who shot me in the Studio and we did out absolute best not to laugh because I told him that I had recently learned to squint to sharpen my face and would he kindly not take a fat photo of me.

It was an enjoyable afternoon and I would like to thank Philippa Coates because I was at first reluctant but in the end it was a great deal of fun and hopefully I didn't singe too many nostrils with my style tips for the racing carnival.

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