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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Mr. Onassis, I Never Got To Own A Boat Like Yours, But One Day I Might Be Able To Rent It

At 560,000 euros a week, that's roughly 800,000 Australian dollars, which, divided by 34 people roughly equates to $23,529 per person. It's doable. Not now, my partner would be screaming that I was taking food from our child's mouth if I were to spend any amount of money conspicuously, but one day, sooner than later I hope, it will be doable. The trouble is, you need to find the other 33 friends who have the dough and have the same dream that you would like to spend a week one of the first and most talked about super yachts in the world, the Christina O, the pride and joy of the man who was once the richest in the world, Aristotle Onassis.

After reading two biographies on Onassis and having found him to be one of the most fascinating people I have ever read about, both awful and disgusting and charming and stylish in the same package, I would be honoured to spend time on this yacht which has entertained everybody. I mean, everybody. Well, most of them are no longer above ground, but back in the day, this was the yacht to get on, just make sure you lock your wife up at night.

For some reason the Christina O came into my head today and I recalled that a few years back somebody had intended to refurbish her and put her back on the seas. She is back now and looking extraordinary. What I was struck by, in seeing her again, was that she hasn't aged. Like great style, it remains timeless. How many super yachts have come after Christina O, how many times has one been pipped by the next and how many attempts have been made to create the most beautiful, the most modern, the most austere, the most bells and whistles - and yet Christina O still retains an elegance that none of them have been able to capture. A sleek cigarette silhouette, smooth lines and contours, an elegant bow with a mosaic tiled bronze lined pool. People may still be swimming in that pool in one hundred years time and it will still be just as heady an experience.

To my mind, Christina O is like watching a 1970's Porsche targa in bronze brown pull up at the lights next to it's 2016 counterpart. Yes, less bells and whistles, yes, less interaction with your technology, yes, the air conditioning is probably on the blink, yes, you'll never reach the same speeds - but who cares. The former has bucket loads of style.

I am going to start saving today. And look for 33 rich friends.

Backgammon - the only way to spend a lazy afternoon on the Mediterranean

Christina O docked in London

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