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Monday, February 16, 2015

Tangled Up In Blue - My Prediction For Menswear Trends In 2015

The end of the Australian summer is closing in and from there we will be looking at a warm March followed by a cooling down in April. Whilst it is too hot to try for any changes to the wardrobe right at this very moment, remember that March is Australia's version of 'The September Issue' - meaning that if you are going to change your wardrobe or you are going to think about how you might progress in 2015 - now is the time that you will start considering those changes.

For my hit prediction in 2015 for men I am considering the following as possible trends we might see.

Many Shades, Tones And Colours Of Blue

Navy seems to be out at the moment - especially navy in it's old form - especially in suiting. I think that 2015 will be about stepping away from baby blue shirting and into more unchartered waters of blue shirting fabric, contrasts in cuffs and collars, matching one shade of blue with another shade of blue on your tie or scarf coming into winter. Putting twill silks on top of plain weave cotton shirting for tonal differences, matching a mid blue pair of trousers with a navy sports jacket or vice versa. Below I posted a crocodile leather watch strap I sourced in navy from LG Humphries in Sydney. This is another possible accessory detail which is inexpensive and adds to the layering of blue in both garments and accessories. Using multiple layers of blue in various shades and textures also creates a versatility in your wardrobe as most of us have blazers and sports jackets in blue, jeans in blue, blue shirts and blue trousers in our wardrobes but all have been mixed and matched over the years which makes them open to re-interpretation. 

Watch Straps

I think watch straps will be a huge business in 2015. I said this earlier in the month when I posted a blog post on how to remove and add a leather watch strap with a deployment clasp. This is one way to make versatility out of your existing watch collection and pair your watch with a particular ensemble be it black tie, cocktail or lounge. It is also a cheap way to make you feel like you've bought a new watch without having to buy a new watch. Of course my hit prediction is blue and green watch straps.

A Move Back To Traditional Ties

I don't know why I seem to be writing this because I have invested heavily in having my seamstresses work out how to hand roll stitch tie edges but to be frank, I am getting more and more customers come past who say they don't like buying the artisan styled ties that have been on offer for the last few years because they don't wear well. I have been getting more and more requests for sturdy well made ties but with light interlinings. In fact, the whole no tipping / exposed underside silk look seems to be fading somewhat. This is however only coming as feedback from my Australian customers as they seem to want ties which aren't hot and heavy but they want them to last well as they have so few ties these days in their wardrobe.

If you would like a shirt made in the cloth below, or the Zini bow tie or if you want to know more about leather straps on watches - feel free to drop me a line on 

Zini bow tie and custom made Le Noeud Papillon shirt with hand made silk flower and mid 90's Omega Seamaster watch with crocodile leather watch strap from L G Humphries Sydney

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