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Friday, October 3, 2014

In The Vein Of American Hustle - A Custom Made Bow Tie For A Customer's Wedding Day

Whilst the demand for our website bow ties is not as robust as it was the same time last year we are receiving more and more work from customers seeking specific custom or, as we commonly bandy the word around these days, bespoke bow ties. 

Below was a request that came from a customer in Sydney, Australia who was seeking out our Mayfair bow tie but expanded and made in pink twill silk to look like it was in the vein of the over-size bow ties that were seen in the film 'American Hustle '. These bow ties can be made in the tie-your-own variety but in this instance the customer preferred to have the pre-tied look as favoured in the film. 

Such requests are often enjoyable because the customer knows specifically what they want and are able to articulate that very quickly. In the end the customer was very very happy with the work and will no doubt look the part on his wedding day.

It's a shame that most bespoke bow tie customers are looking to fill a requirement for their wedding. Wedding bow ties seem to be about the only time that a man would consider making a concerted effort to find the shape and fabric for their bow tie and for their groomsmen.

In another instance this week a wedding party arrived at the Studio to marry up the shapes of bow ties that best suited the groom and then the groomsmen. Incidentally one of the shapes that seems to be requested more frequently for wedding parties, because of it's universal appeal to men of varying heights and stature, is the diamond point shape we offer. It seems to be a shape that accomodates almost every face.

If you are not interested in taking advantage of the final days of our more than generous sale, consider coming in to see our 22 shapes on file to ensure that you find the bow tie that best fits your face.

Oversize 'mayfair' shape bow tie in 50 Oz pink silk twill made for a customer in Sydney, Australia

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