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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Graz Mulcahy - You've done it again!

There was an old jingle from the 80's here in Australia for McCaine frozen foods. At the end of each advertisement they would say "Ahhhh McCaine, you've done it again!"

That is how I feel about Australian sunglass designer Graz Mulcahy ( . Ever since I met this goofy but 'cool' (wish there was another word I could use) kid who walked into a Kings Cross nightclub in the middle of the day, to talk to me about a job as our resident DJ, wearing a white slovenly shirt, rolled up grey vintage woollen pants, no socks and a pair of heavy black boots and rotating his pen around his thumb in that fidgety but skilled manner; I knew he was not a normal human being. Not a normal sunglass designer. Not a normal DJ. As different as we were, despite being worlds apart, it was so easy for me to appreciate what he was. And even though I would venture to say that we have an almost competitive relationship (he would shun that thought through pride -  as he believes he is in another stratosphere); I admire everything he puts his hand to because he does it to the best of his ability.

ABOVE: These are the new 'Joel' model of sunglasses I picked up today. As I wore them I could not help but say "Graz Mulcahy, you've done it again"

BELOW: John Lennon - whom I always envied for his sunglass and spectacle collection.

BELOW: I am attaching a model he named after yours truly last year. 

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