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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Presenting Memento Mori and The New Sinatra

Memento Mori was inspired by a tattoo I once saw on the inside of a gentleman's arm. At this stage I'd never heard the expression and he said 'it means remember death'. At the table that day was Oliver Watts (now Dr Watts thanks to his PHD coming through) and he added "he's quite right, and it's also a style of art".

Legend has it that the origins are from Roman times when victorious generals would return to Rome from a campaign to report to the Senate, a small boy would be painted blue and would walk behind the general repeating the phrase 'Memento Mori' to remind the General that his own death would one day be upon him.

The New Sinatra was a shape I had in my head one sleepless night a few weeks ago. The spade had come up in the design of Memento Mori and at the same time I was watching many old You Tube videos of The Roast, of which most of the participants have now passed away. I was looking for bow ties. Then I remembered the words of Jay Z in Empire State of Mind when he declared himself 'The New Sinatra'. And the shape came into my head again and I decided to dedicate all of these strange little murmurings into one bow tie.

Both these bow ties are limited editions in a run of no more than 100. They are available on only for the time being.


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