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Thursday, May 21, 2009


Hi there, I have designed and developed a range of bow ties which I think will be quite popular for the winter season down under. I am stocking them at Pratten, 50 William Street, Paddington.

After some time I have managed to source the finest fabrics for the bow ties which include Holland and Sherry velvets and thick duchess satins. The range, called Le Noeud Papillon - Sydney, is named from the French word for bow tie which loosely translates as 'the knot of the butterfly.
After having been fascinated with the idea of tying my own bow tie for about three years, I was fortunate enough to find one in Paris last year at Charvet. It was a simple black duchess satin but I still didn't know how to tie the bow and it wasn't until I was back in Sydney that I managed to get it right. Once I started tying my own bow I was obsessed with getting my hands on different styles and shapes and I found a lot of information on the website which ultimately refined my ideas about what it was I wanted to create.

I found a tailor in the St James Trust building by chance one day. They were called Rochefort and they were the only people in Sydney at that time that were making their own hand made bow ties though it wasnt long before Herringbone cottonned on to the idea that bow ties were coming back.

I had my first samples made by Rochefort, but unfortunately I gave up on the idea of using Rochefort as they were too slow to produce a volume of samples and subsequently I began to hunt for other local manufacturers.

In the end I found someone who could and would make the bow ties. One of my designs which was particularly difficult to achieve was the white piping around the bow tie which requires a dilligent technician and took some time to develop.
The range will feature approximately 12 different bow ties, some in one piece self tie, others with an adjustable tie and where we use velvet we will be pre-forming the bow so that the bow does not become frayed from everyday use.
I am very proud of the designs and although I would like to congratulate myself, the real credit goes to the manufacturer who has been able to turn the idea into a reality.
The bow ties will be available for sale from the website although as of next week I will be concentrating on POS with the Pratten store where people can touch and fele the quality of both the fabrics and the workmanship of the manufacturer.
I hope you will like the new range.

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